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Juan Pablo Saldarriaga ( May 21, 1996 ) , better known as DJ KB , is a Colombian DJ and producer from Medellin , Colombia . At sixteen he began publication in major online stores in the world with his first remix called "Let 's So Close". In his life he was always motivated by music. Since childhood his musical influences and first approach to this art was to " rock n roll" . As it grows , it begins to experiment with new sounds.

He is currently studying to become a sound engineer .

KB has had releases of albums worldwide in particular. The first release of KB as a producer was the single Rain , and has since released many albums in recent years . One of their releases as DJ is 1 • 13 (released in 2013 ) is one of the most played in 2014-15 albums, launched his first album as a producer and will feature collaborations with several independent artists , creating new sounds for industry and electronic dance music , as well as for environmental and soundtrack.

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DJ Since: 2013 Category: DJ / Event DJ / Solo Producer / Duo Producer Main genre: Breaks, Electronic, Alternative, Soundtrack Genres: Deep House, Breaks, Soundtrack, ElectroRock, Electronic Alternative Music source: CD, Digital Download, Streaming



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